Memory / Alzheimer's Dementia Clinic

Dr. Milind Joshi had run the Memory clinic at Sion hospital where he has conducted the research on Alzheimer’s Dementia.

Memory: - Perception, storage and retrieval of the information is called as memory.

Importance of Memory:

  1. Good decision taking ability of an individual.
  2. Reduction in conflicts at personal as well as professional levels
  3. Progress

Procedures in Memory Clinic:

  1. Interview of an individual along with family members: who has memory problems.
  2. Analysing the cause for memory lapses
  3. Investigations (if required) as per Doctor´s discretion.
  4. Counselling to patient and his/ her relatives on memory improvement.
  5. Medication as need based.
  6. Follow-up as per the doctor´s advice.

Age Group: Teenage to Geriatric group.

Timings: Mon to Fri 5pm to 10pm (09819361229)

Please evaluate yourself for Alzheimer´s Dementia if you are suffering from following symptoms.

  1. Decreased concentration
  2. Forgetting recent events
  3. Failure to recognise known places, roads and identify relatives
  4. Inability to know time, date, month, year, season etc.
  5. Suspiciousness
  6. Pacing and wandering
  7. Doing senseless activities
  8. Disinhibited behaviour
  9. Angry Outburst
  10. Inability to take care of personal hygiene
  11. Confusion in identifying day or night
  12. Depression etc.