Certificate course in learning disorders

learning disorders

Child with learning disorders is usually called as a hidden handicap. It is difficult to diagnose “LD” child, because apart from failure in studies, he is an intelligent in all aspects of life and has got normal IQ.

Objective: An in-depth course focusing mainly on various causes of learning difficulties like learning disorders (dyslexia, disorder of writing expression, Mathematics disorder), etc.


  1. Learning Disorder
  2. History
  3. What is not LD
  4. Reading Disorder
  5. Types of LD
  6. Dyslexia/ Reading Disorder
  7. Dysgraphia (Disorder of writing expression)
  8. Dyscalculia (Mathematics disorder)
  9. Manifestation of LD
  10. Causes of LD
  11. Diagnosis of LD
  12. Overcoming LD
  13. Myths about Dyslexia
  14. Famous Personalities

Participants: Students of Psychology, teachers, parents, HRD’s, doctors etc.

Course duration:

  1. No. of Lectures: 8
  2. Duration : 2 hour per lecture.

Number of Participants: 20 to 25.


  1. LCD projector with laptop attached to it with an operator.
  2. Collar Mike.
  3. Training center/ auditorium.