Covid Counselling

Covid Counselling

We are going through unprecedented times as we fight the COVID-19 pandemic together. Being locked in at home can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, many of us have also faced trauma, grief and personal losses. These feelings of sadness, exhaustion, hopelessness, etc could be a more serious mental issue. Mental health problems are very common and can be treated. Do not feel isolated, you are not alone. Get one on one counselling from Dr. Milind Joshi and learn how to be kind to your mind.

We will be covering the following topics in depth:

  1. Identify symptoms of anxiety and depression
  2. Dealing with trauma and grief
  3. Dealing with insomnia/irregular sleep patterns
  4. How to keep ourselves mentally fit in these uncertain times
  5. Anxiety relief breathing exercises and relaxation techniques
  6. Special counselling for healthcare workers who have long COVID-19 shifts
  7. Special counselling for COVID-19 patients and their family members.

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