Training on "Learning Disorders / Dyslexia" at URCS of BMC Schools

Santacruz BMC schools (East & West) Malad BMC School Byculla BMC School Borivali BMC School Kandivali BMC School Bhandup BMC School Jogeshwari BMC School

Training session on "LEARNING DISORDERS/DYSLEXIA" via video conferencing:

Training for a cause. For BMC School teachers and Parents_Dr Milind Joshi ( Consultant Psychiatrist) will be conducting training session on " LEARNING DISORDERS/ DYSLEXIA " via video conferencing on 24 February 2018 in between 10.15 11.15 a.m. For further enquiry, contact on: + 919819361229.

  • Dr. Milind Joshi has felicitated panel Psychiatrists of Bombay and Indian Psychiatric society at National CME on addiction on 5/1/2020

  • Nairashywar Matt(Related to topic of depression) and Bal Samasya(Related to Parent and child psychology) have been displayed in Mental Health book exhibition at 72 Annual National Conference of Indian Psychiatric society (ANCIPS)2020,Kolkata,22-25January2020. These books will be archived in the journal of ANCIPS.

    Conducted a Stress management workshop for executives of singer and composer Shan at his studio on 5/7/2019

    Felicitation of Dr milind joshi and other workshop photographs:

  • Dr. Milind Joshi being felicitated at IMA BWSB for delivering lecture for doctors on 6th Jan 2015